Michael Ward – Sales Agent

Michael Ward – Sales Agent

Michael is a Fayetteville native with a deep appreciation of culture, travel, and the great outdoors. His strong sense of community and love for his hometown fuel the desire to connect with people. Real Estate is a perfect fit because he strives to build long-standing relationships with people from all walks of life. His background in carpentry, language and cultural studies (Michael speaks Spanish and French), and urban planning give him a unique ability to understand the quality of homes, the status of the market, and, most importantly, the goals of his clients.

Michael works with both homeowners and investors. Whether a client is selling a family home or purchasing income-producing property, he provides the professional expertise needed to make informed and successful financial decisions. With the combination of in-depth knowledge, clear communication, and dedication, Michael delivers the value of service that his clients need and expect.

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Mobile: 479-790-6303